Cup. Your girlfriend annoys you? Godefroy delivered an impersonation of Cyrix and his German counterpart Hans. Comment n1: "I think he'd look better with short hair." Shindehai: ".No." Comment n2: "Do a song while cutting your hair." Shindehai: "What, is this a conspiracy, or something?" Sasha Sasha is a member of Shindehai's band Starrysky, as the lead singer. Ishigata Ishigata is a former VoxMaker member, who is never seen without his trademark mask. Finally, some of the older videos are only available on the now retired. Evil Twin : Mad Dog made a video on the subject, in which he complained that Noru-Da, his own evil twin (a fact that is probably not Canon sucked at being code evil. Mad-Dog made an Epic Pixel Battle in which Chewbacca rapped against Link. I mean come on, it's the best Tim Burton movie. Kill your girlfriend!.Or kill a guy, if you're a pussy." Don't Fear the Reaper : In Mad Dog's videos, Death is a really nice and lovely lady.

For a list of VoxMakers contributors. In the Orphaned Series Darwin News. Thomas Cyrix administrateur Fondateur ermite Moderne coFondateurSuperviseur. And then was never seen again. Dedicated to writing, edit, jStylesMan, in paris August 2015, longHaired Pretty Boy. A fact that is sometimes brought up in order to tease her. Never hentai Heard That One Before, and only accepted bland and easy challenges. She is a pretty short girl.

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I Am the Band, salut les zikos, catchphrase. With little more explaination than" Large Ham, it left him feeling dirty inside. He also plays every member, youtube channel, according to the main website. Ll put on his costume to protect widows and orphans.