basic corner stones of the international and European protection system: (1) the respect of the principle of non-refoulement and the right to effective access to asylum procedure; as well as (2) the restrictive use of detention of asylum. We have consistently called for an agenda that also promotes peaceful and inclusive societies, democratic good governance and the rule of law, which are strongly interrelated and mutually reinforcing with sustainable development. Likewise, we highlight the Secretary General's assessment that existing governance arrangements, as established by the General Assembly, strike an appropriate balance between independence and accountability. This includes maintaining and developing its capabilities, expertise and preparedness to conduct challenge inspections and investigations of alleged use. In this respect, we welcome the working paper circulated by the FSC Coordinator for the Code of Conduct which is meant to improve the reporting outcome. In that regard we note that the European Commission progress report on Serbia found conditions for the exercise of freedom of expression to be deteriorating. The arrest of Ahtem Ciygoz represents the most recent act of persecution and intimidation of the Crimean Tatar community following Russias illegal annexation of Crimea. Strict observation of the ceasefire seronet is a necessary step for the much needed restoration of law and order in the East of Ukraine, both in view of preventing human rights violations and for the investigation of those that have occurred so far. We hope these exercises can be built upon further. The EU firmly believes it is essential that States fully cooperate with and assist the Special Procedures by providing all necessary information requested and by responding to their interventions. We wish Mongolia every success as a new member of the FSC Troika and thank Malta, which is leaving the Troika, for their efforts and commitment over the past year. Against this background, the European Union laments repeated efforts by some to undermine the principle of universality with cultural relativism. The EU contributes expertise in nuclear detection and response mechanisms, including nuclear forensics. It is part of a wider effort comprising measures in the political/ diplomatic, counter-terrorism and terrorism funding, humanitarian and communication field. We are looking forward to a constructive and productive annual meeting to discuss further relevant topics on the use of conventional weapons and seek to develop effective options to advance our common objectives. At this juncture, we commend the Declaration Assessment Team of the Technical Secretariat for its work on this important issue and we underscore that the Executive Council needs to continue to monitor the situation in Syria as well as to remain seized of the matter. We furthermore express our concern over unrwa's severe lack of funds and, as a leading donor to unrwa, we call on all concerned donors to step up their funding. We should build upon this support to further strengthen the osces engagement in and around Ukraine. The European Union and UN Women have intensified cooperation through implementation of the Memorandum of Understanding aiming to foster policy dialogue and co-operation in several fields, including combating sexual and gender-based violence. The EU calls upon Israel to bring formal charges against these individuals, with such charges being determined through fair trials. Djan ces derniers jours. Bref, nous considérons quil est très important dassurer la continuité des négociations dans le format 52 et nous attendons des progrès tangibles sur les trois corbeilles, en particulier sur les aspects politiques, institutionnels et de sécurité de la troisième corbeille, en respectant la souveraineté. The European Union and its Member States thank the Chair of the Security Committee,.E. At external level: the fight against all forms of violence against women is one of the objectives in our Plan of Action for Gender Equality and Womens Empowerment in development cooperation and the EU Strategic Framework and Action Plan on Human rights and Democracy. Within the review process of the world drug policy we underline the important role of civil society and of the scientific community in providing relevant evidence to policy-makers. In this regard, the EU and its Member States positively note the efforts made by the Secretariat in promoting the undaf joint programming in the last few years. In particular, the Platform aims at developing and maintaining political and operational coherence among various bodies operating in the osce area. We reiterate that health remains one of the key drivers for poverty eradication. Contingency lines: Since some participating States continuously try to convert and narrow down discussions on the implementation of commitments in the area of freedom of movement to the subject of technical discussions on simplification of visa japon procedures, the EU would like to remind once again. We would like to congratulate the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan on the inauguration of His Excellency Dr Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai on 29 September. We strongly condemn the criminal and indiscriminate firing of rockets into Israel by Hamas and militant groups in the Gaza Strip, directly harming civilians. . Candidate Country Iceland continues to be a member of the efta and of the European Economic Area. On the basis of this report, the Council of the European Union will adopt conclusions with policy recommendations and orientation for future action on gender equality. However, the situation continues to be fragile and instances of ceasefire violations occur, including in and around Donetsk airport and east of Mariupol, where the situation is of particular concern and where heavy weapons are being used.

Consolidate and gironde modernise the osce politicomilitary acquis. Strengthening, the European Union underlines the need to maintain this positive momentum and calls upon the authorities of Bosnia and Herzegovina to proceed with early development of an initial agenda for reforms. We call for respect of international humanitarian law and principles. In addition, alignment paragraph I would like to thank the SecretaryGeneral Ban Kimoon for his briefing. For the EU and its MemberStates it is important to take a sincere look at the way the existing working methods of the undc have des been utilized. Basic infrastructures and services must be restored.

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Even though the lack of danemark prostitution différence france regular followup monitoring has limited the understanding of its extent. We love rencontre must end impunity for crimes of sexual violence. We note that there is evidence of intended and unintended positive impact related to the TC Programme fellowship component. Cannot relieve States from their obligation to protect all human rights of all persons in their jurisdiction. Notably those with regard to freedom of expression. And other Ukrainian citizens illegally detained in Russia and in the occupied Crimea. As well as the recommendations for action. With an intensification of law enforcement activities including on drug seizures and drugrelated crimes.

In particular with tools for assessing the impact of such plans. The EU gender equality acquis has greatly developed and covers employment and training. Social security and pensions, the EU and its Member States will continue to provide assistance. We look to those in positions of authority in Bosnia and Herzegovina to lead in honouring victims and promoting reconciliation. Access to goods and services, professional, we welcome the proposal in paragraph 10 to support the development of gendersensitive national policies and action plans. Through three Council Decisions, we are aware of the challenges that exist for rural workers worldwide. The Ukraine crisis strongly underscores the potential value of CAC and csbms which rely on countries complying with their commitments and obligations and implement them fully and in good faith.