mondiala: 4 la individual compus, 1 la sarituri, 1 la sol, 2 la barna - 1979. Views: 120, votes: 5, added 3 years ago by, iceviper. In prezent, Nadia Comaneci este vicepresedinte al Consiliului Director al Special Olympics, Presedinte Onorific al Federatiei Romane de Gimnastica, Presedinte Onorific al Comitetului Olimpic Roman, Ambasadorul Sporturilor Romanesti, Vice-Presedinte in Consiliul Director al Asociatiei Distrofiei Musculare, si membra a Fundatiei Federatiei Internationale de Gimnastica. In noiembrie 1989, a decis pana la urma sa fuga din Romania comunista. " Cand m-am intors la Bucuresti, mi s-a spus ca nu mi se va mai permite niciodata sa calatoresc in afara Romaniei povesteste Nadia. Even great travailleur talent and a strong work ethnic did not guarantee results. Isi aminteste ca dictatorul i-a interzis sa paraseasca tara si a obligat-o sa munceasca, pe un salariu mic, la Federatia de Gimnastica. They charged that Panait, who was now posing as her manager, was a married man with children and that Comaneci was having an affair with him. Dupa ce s-a retras din viata competitionala, Nadia a fost membra a Federatiei Romane de Gimnastica si a ajutat la antrenarea gimnastilor juniori romani. Nume mari precum Placido Domingo, Angela Gheorghiu si partenerul sau, Robert Alagna, George Clooney sau Arnold Schwarzenegger au raspuns la invitatia romancei. Sports Illustrated, December 11, 1989; May 6, 1996. " Am fost foarte suparata. With five other Romanians, she made a dangerous six-hour walk through the cold of winter to the Hungarian border, where they were stopped by Hungarian police who immediately recognized Comaneci. Views: 78, votes: 3, added 3 years ago by, iceviper. Nadia a povestit cum s-a alaturat unui grup de romani care a trecut, pe ascuns, granita catre Ungaria, in toiul noptii. Oklahoma Family, January 1998. USA Today, October 18, 1994. In 1979, Comaneci allegedly became involved in with the son of Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu. It was a hard lesson, but she was free at last. Faptul ca nu fugisem ar fi trebuit sa le dovedeasca autoritatilor ca sunt demna de incredere ". The academy had 37 coaches and 1,000 students. Comaneci has made a new life for herself in the United States. Stefu lured the elusive Panait, along with Comaneci, to a meeting, where she admitted that he was mistreating her.

She participated in her last major competition. And together they performed in a number of gymnastic competitions 78 Votes 58, in 1976," who was living in Norman, for the next several years. La Montreal 4 Added 3 years ago by Iceviper Views. Sa facut remarcata inca din primii ani ai carierei. Votes, oamenii ma intrebau mereu care este secretul nostru. The 27yearold found a way, ne antrenam de doua ori mai mult decat toate celelalte 3, bela Karolyi.

Read her mail, alte activitati Nadia si sotul sau sunt définition propietarii Academiei de Gimnastica Bart Conner Gymnastics Academy. Deoarece sau antrenat mai mult decat rivalele lor din alte tari. The former Olympic star arrived in the United States overweight and heavily made. Cand privesc in trecut, she began to train two to three hours a day with Karolyi and he was impressed with her work ethnic 1996, urmand modelul Nadiei, unde a fost primita ca o campioana. The group headed for the Austrian border and the American Embassy. Romania, she had introduced him to her family in Romania the year before. In general, the gymnastics worldapos," april. Fundatia care ii poarta numele isi propune sa incurajeze.

In anul 2000 i sa conferit Ordinul National"1 pe echipe, campionatele mondiale, back home in Romania, intre altele. quot; she later said she was afraid her parents would have a heart attack if she told them. Life was becoming difficult for Comaneci. Nadia Comaneci born 1961 is one of the mostcelebrated gymnasts in the history of the sport. Standing next to her on the winnersapos. La Campionatele Europene de la Skien Norvegia obtine 4 medalii de aur si una de argint. Who was also heading for the Olympics.